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RG series Tiltable Roller Furnace
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ST-RG60-9 Tiltable Roller Resistance Furnace
Ⅰ. Applications 
RG60-9 tiltable roller resistance furnace is mainly used for gas carburizing,gas carbonitriding and bright quenching& heating small parts with different shape,such as steel balls,bushins,pins,tapping screws,standard parts,chains are made of high-speed tool steel,die steel,martensitic stainless steel,titanium alloy and such metal materials.
Ⅱ. Features
1.This furnace is heated by resistance,controlled by solid state relay and intelligent instrument of Japan conductive company,and using PID adjusting method,has the advantages of accurate temperature control,simple operation,stable performance.
 2.Working zone uses sealed cylinder-shaped chamber furnace made of imported high temperature stainless steel,it rotates automatically after the workpieces are putting into the furnace chamber to make the workpieces be heated uniformly.It can also be passed into various gas to meet various technological requirements of workpieces.
3.The furnace body is supported by a bracket,can tilt upward or downward under the control of tilt unit,and can discharge automatically when it's tilting downward.
Ⅲ . Technical parameters
1.Working power supply
AC/3-phase 4-wire/380V/50Hz
2.Rated power
3. Rated temperature
4.Temperature control way
PID power regulation,instrument of Japan conductive company
5.Temperature accuracy
6.Temperature uniformity
7.Heating element
0Cr25Al5Fe+Cr resistance wire,spiral
8.Heating element connection
 9.Dimensions of Effective work zone
10.load capacity of 1 batch
11.Operating motor of Furnace chamber
1 set ,1.5Kw,adjust speed by magnetic
12.Rotating speed
0.5-8 r/min
13.Tilting motor of furnace body
0.55KW Hand/electric (all in one) speed reduction unit
14.Max Tilting Angle of furnace body
±50 degree
15.No-load power loss          
16.No-load heating time(Normal Temp:950℃)
About 2.5 hours
17.Shape dimension
18. Net weight
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